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How to Choose the Right Geek Bar Disposable Pods?

How to Choose the Right Geek Bar Disposable Pods?

  • by parminder singh

When it comes to buying disposable pod vape systems, everyone has their own taste and preferences when it comes to vapes, which makes choosing the right device and pods quite challenging. This article will give you an insight on what to look for when choosing the best geek bar disposable pods and IVG disposable bar. Juice Head Disposable Pods are also available in many e-cig stores, you can check out a comparison of Geek Bar Disposable Pods and Juice Head Disposable Pods if you want to know more about these vaping devices.

 Types of Geek Bar Disposable Pod

Geek bar is one of IVG brand product. In the market, it can be found with more than seven different types and flavors. But, whatever type of geek bar you choose; all of them will have same idea that is nicotine based pod for a quick satisfaction. Choosing right geek bar disposable pods may be tricky for beginners so here are some tips which will guide you through how to choose best disposable pods for vaping

IVG Disposable Pod (Juice Head) vs Juice Head 2.0

When you search for a disposable pod online, there are two terms that you will see over and over again: IVG Disposable Pod (Juice Head) and Juice Head 2.0. These two pods look very similar and both come in slim designs but they are not quite similar. There is a huge difference between these two products.

Buy the Best Geek Bar Disposable Pod for Yourself

Though there are various e-juice brands out there, but many of them don’t produce high-quality disposable pods that last long and provide good flavor. To get best e-pods for your vaping device, it is very important to know about different types of models. Generally, all disposable pods for electronic cigarettes come in 2 or 3 parts—the atomizer head which looks like a cartomizer in appearance; wicks made from organic cotton or silica fiber; and e-liquid. From among several options that you have at Juice Head, IVG Disposable pods stands out as one of the most popular option due to its high compatibility with 510 and MyJet devices.

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