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Purchase Wholesale Portable Vaping Pods

Purchase Wholesale Portable Vaping Pods

  • by MCR Vape Distro

Vapes are getting popular these days among the smoking community. Vaping is far better than smoking due to its health advantages. So more people are opting for Pods or Mods instead of cigarettes. Mainly two sections of people are moving towards Pods—those who want to stop smoking and second who are new and want something simple to use. Pods are a great business to get in. It is a market with lots of competition in production but less in sales and distribution.

Potable pods make it easier for users to smoke at any time. The pods can be carried in a pocket, and the user can switch it ON with a click. In the UK, 18% of people stopped smoking, and many of them switched over to pods.

Why purchase pods in wholesale?

Wholesale portable pods are less expensive and can help you start a small business. In wholesale, vapour pods of companies like SMOK can be bought at a considerable discount. Pods are an excellent investment as vaping culture is rising in Europe and the United States of America. After a pod is sold, the customer will come back for refills and new flavours. When you purchase pods in a wholesale market, you are updated about new releases and can enjoy various premium services. The price of a pod ranges between 8.45 euro to 80 euro. But in the wholesale market, the price reduced by 20% to 45%, then retail pricing.

Best vaping pods available

SMOK pods like MICRO POD, ALIKE NOVO 2, and NORD pods are available on the website. These are all premium pods available for sale. SMOK is famous for its durable, reliable, and stylish pods. The pods come with different coil settings depending on the vapour density. NOVO 2 comes with a whole set, containing a charger, coils, warranty card, and a user manual. It is a brand whose products are rarely available at discounted rates.

Pods are health-friendly as they produce no smoke, and the quantity of nicotine can be managed by the user. The pods work on the electric heating of liquid, making it harmless. It does not cause bad breath and colouring of lips. Portable pods will only get more common with time.

Lost vape, Geekvape, Innokin, Aspire are a few of many brands available on The companies launch new models every year, improving the vaping experience. The pod can come in different shapes and sizes, and the user can decide based on his preference. 

Lost Vape's Orion DNA pod has a nice black look and texture to provide grip. It is an all in one pod with the strong build quality. The refilling of liquid and changing coils is fairly simple. It comes with a big battery and various features for vaping. Controlling the airflow in the Orion DNA pod is possible. Other products from Lost Vape are also listed on the platform. MCR vape distro is a wholesaler of portable pods. You can purchase the pods and start growing the business. The user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate the website. 

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