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Choose Your Flavour While You Enjoy Your Vaping

Choose Your Flavour While You Enjoy Your Vaping

  • by MCR Vape Distro

Vaping is growing popular off late. The UK is the third-largest market in the world after the US and Japan. While some people vape to quit smoking, a large segment of people find vaping very comfortable. The ability to choose nicotine content and a variety of flavours in eliquid make vaping a favorite amongst young and old.

What is an e-liquid?

Vape juice is a liquid solution made up of Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine, food-grade flavourings, and water. Vape juice is also popularly known as eliquid or ejuice. Eliquids are customizable to be nicotine-free. MCRVape Distro is one of the well-known 500ml eliquid traders offering a vast collection of flavours and choices.

An eliquid creates vapor when placed in the tank of a vape kit or e-cigarette. The eliquid turns into vapor inside the kit once it reaches the desired heat level. This vapor lets you enjoy the chosen flavour. As eliquids are available in shortfill quantities starting from 10ml to larger quantities upto 500ml, it becomes easy to select as per the need.

Choosing the right eliquid

One can choose a VG based, PG based, or a mix of VG/PG in their eliquid. Most eliquid traders offer a combination of VG/PG in eliquid because it presents a unique experience. The right balance of flavour, vapor, and hit is achievable with a mix of both substances.

Based on their taste, one can mix and match flavour combos and explore unique likings making it a favorite amidst vapers. The high standard food-grade flavourings available at MCRVape Distro makes it a recommended 500ml liquid trader.

The flavour categories in eliquids range from fruity to drink based. The most trending flavour of all time is - menthol eliquid. Every vaper has tried this at least once. The first flavour for many vapers is Menthol, a safe choice. Other bestselling flavours are strawberry, blackjack, and grapes. While everyone has a taste of their own, trying fan favourites and trending flavours increases one's flavour range.

Eliquids must be stored carefully in a cool, dark place to achieve optimum shelf life. Always choose the finest eliquids from a reputed eliquid trader like MCRVape Distro. Before you choose a vape juice, make sure you understand the basics.

Rising popularity

Vaping offers the flexibility to customize and choose. Apart from the harmful additives and chemicals found in cigarettes, one can explore flavours and adjust nicotine content to suit their taste. Some people vape for the experience, some for fun, some for a strong nicotine hit. Vaping is known to be cheaper and less harmful than tobacco. Mainly known for the flavour hits and experiences, vaping is catching fire amongst different age groups.

With 500ml eliquid traders like MCRVape Distro, it becomes easy to select flavour options. The wide variety of choices and competitive pricing at MCRVape Distro makes it an irresistible deal to pick just one. Make your vape a pleasant, flavoursome experience. What e-juice are you picking from MCRVape Distro next?

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