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Find The Best POD Kits Distributors In The UK

Find The Best POD Kits Distributors In The UK

  • by MCR Vape Distro

What are POD kits?

PODs are the new generation vaping kits that allow users to either buy pre-filled e-liquid pods or refill on their own. Handy extra replacements are also available, and some you can change the coils in and reuse them. Other pods are specially designed to be refilled a few times then disposed of as the coil is all used. Pod Mod kits’ requirement has increased hugely, especially among the vapers who are mainly looking for a middle ground between in-budget vape pens and technically advanced box mods.

Pod vapes are a new product in the world of vaping. They are smaller and compact than other vaping tools, making it ideal for anyone who wants the convenience of vaping without carrying around a vast mod everywhere they go. Many POD kits distributors in the UK are doing a fantastic job; here are some.

The Pod kits distributors in the United Kingdom 

  • AC Vapour

JAC Vapour was started in 2010 and is based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. They not only have years of experience within this industry, but they are also the only independent UK vape company that designs all their hardware in-house.

They offer very high-quality devices for all levels, from the all in one, simple to use VIM to the more advanced SERIES-B DNA. JAC also boasts an industry-leading warranty on their hardware and a top-class UK based customer service team who are always happy to help.

  • Dinner Lady Store

If you live in the United Kingdom, you will likely have heard of the e-liquid brand Dinner Lady. For many years they have been making some of the most loved e-liquid and pods. The best news is they have recently opened an e-store where you can buy all their stuff directly from the latest vape gear. As of now, they include Voopoo, SMOK, Lost Vape, Innokin, and Geekvape. 

  • Vapour2

Vapour2 is one of the top-established vape pod stores in the UK, supplying vapers for many years. While they stock the latest devices from brands such as SMOK and Innokin, their brand product gets the limelight. The Vapour2 e-cig selection fairly targets new vapers, but they also have a fantastic selection of vaporizers that allows the option of vaping both dry herb and vape juice.

  • Vaporfi

Vaporfi is an own brand vape shop that has a reliable range of vape mods and vape pen kits. Where they excel for us, however, is with their range of Vaporfi e liquids and pods.

Above the premium e juices on big offer, they also offer a service whereby you can create your e-liquid flavour. The custom blend e-liquid offering gives an option of about 30,000 flavour combinations! That is some crazy stuff but great for the vaper that hasn’t quite found their perfect vape.

  • Apollo E-Cigarettes

Apollo E-Cigarettes have an online presence in both the USA and UK. They produce their products, which are top-notch sub-ohm tanks and PODs such as the Portal and quality devices. 

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