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How to Find Fake Disposable Pods?

How to Find Fake Disposable Pods?

  • by parminder singh

When a market is as profitable and progressive as Vape and pods, it is natural and inevitable to have an adulteration in the products. Within high-quality brands, you are sure to get some below-average products that do not stand worthy at the parameters. An even bigger problem is fake products where poor quality products are sold disguised under the name of a premium brand. To save yourself from the fake products of big brands, you need to be extra cautious and eagle-eyed. So, here are some tips that can help you sieve out fake products from original ones.

Disposable Pods

The World of Fakes

The fake products market is as big as the originals and to keep this market flourishing its creators ensure to make the products appear genuine to trick you into buying them at the sale or discounted prices. Original products run through various regulatory protocols and quality tests before they reach you but the fake ones oblige to nothing thus keeping your safety at stake in the name of an established brand.

Big Brands Falling Prey

The most premium and highly selling brands are the primary target of fraudsters as they can easily sell a product under an established logo. Brands like Geek Bar, Elf Bar, Elux Bar, etc. have witnessed many fake vapes under their name and have thus issued guidelines and advisories for customers to beware of similar-looking products. Slushy puppy disposable pods wholesale suppliers go through an intense check to ensure that no fake product can seep in.

Tips To Spot Fake Ones

Serial Numbers

Every product from a reputed and legitimate brand carries a serial number that can trace back its entire journey from manufacturer to you. You can confirm the authenticity of the product by contacting the company and asking for the details through the serial number. Always make sure to contact the company through the address provided on the official website of the brand because if the product is fake then contact details carried by it may also be fake.

Buy Only From Trusted Sources

To ensure that your hands get laid only on the original and authentic product then you must buy it from a trusted marketplace. You can buy from the official websites of the brands or authorized wholesale and retail suppliers that can guarantee original products. Don’t get tricked in random online and offline sales as fake products are mostly sold through them.


Howsoever smart the fraudsters be, they cannot completely replicate the original brand. Check the brand’s guidelines about unique features of the packaging at the official website. Also, do check the ingredients list, nicotine strength, etc. as fake products are always lacking in the quality of prints and graphics at the essentials.

You must be a smart shopper if you want to steer away from imitation or fake products as you are putting not just your money but your health at stake. We hope these tips come fruitful for you in spotting what not to buy.

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