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How to Use the Geek Bar Disposable Pod Device

How to Use the Geek Bar Disposable Pod Device

  • by parminder singh

Are you looking to start vaping but don’t want to make the investment in an expensive vaping device? The Geek Bar Disposable Pod Device is an easy and effective way to try vaping without spending big bucks on an expensive device or having to worry about replacing parts and components on your own. Just follow these steps in order to use your Geek Bar Disposable Pod Device.


What are Geek Pods?

The device is based off of a pod system. The pods themselves are all prefilled with a specific amount of juice and ready to be vaped. Each pod holds roughly 1ml of e-liquid, so with each one lasting you around 500 puffs, it's an ideal way for new vapers who want something simple and hassle free or for more experienced users on-the-go. All Geek Pods come pre-charged and ready to vape and thanks to them being fully disposable you don't need worry about having spare coils or refilling bottles before going out; simply swap one in when your current one runs out!

Choosing a flavor

It’s never a good idea to go on an empty stomach when it comes to deciding on a flavor. The smell alone can make your stomach rumble, so it’s best to take your time while making up your mind. And before you do make a decision, consider how long you have until you want your next meal or snack (you don’t want that taste stuck in your mouth for hours). Then remember that once you decide on something, there is no changing your mind—at least not without committing all-out flavor betrayal! All of that considered, we recommend using our handy guide below if indecision strikes.

Tips and tricks for using Geek Bars

The Elf Bar comes with 2 refillable pods, each of which should last about 1 week with daily use. Cleaning your device is as simple as washing your hands; don’t submerge it in water. When you replace pods, store your old ones and replace them once every 6 months or so. If they get too dried out they can be difficult to empty and recycle! When disposing of used pods, remember that when exposed to air, nicotine vaporizes quickly.

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